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Lets get to know our artist

Rhonda London comes from a family of European artists. She has a passion particularly for fine art landscapes. Being surrounded by the beautiful North Carolina landscapes that have inspired and led her visions to become reality on canvas. Her gift of art reflects the beauty of creation by the Master Artist and gift giver. Each painting is truly an original and unique creation.

Artist's Bio

​Rhonda London has always had a love for the outdoors especially the mountains. Being raised in upstate New York and traveling often into Canada to the family vacation cottage on the St. Lawrence River. She has lived and traveled extensively throughout the United States and South America but has called North Carolina home for over 30 years. Prior to painting her background was in interior design and real estate where she created beautiful spaces both indoors and outdoors.   She now has expanded using her gifts and talents by​ creating acrylic fine art. Her inspirational artwork reflects the beauty of creation by the Master Artist.